Mark The Aquarius

Mark The Aquarius is an American hip-hop artist from Niagara Falls, NY. After being highly influenced by Logic, Mac Miller and 99 Neighbors; he released his first mixtape in 2020 and has been constantly making new music ever since! His unique brand of entertainment fuses Boom-Bap style beats with clever lyricism to bring you a high energy, fun-loving time with witty banter that will make you want to laugh, bop your head and feel the music deep in your soul.

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Fri, Jul 299-9:45 pmMilkie's Elmwood Lounge(part of National Chicken Wing Day Celebration)
Tue, Aug 028-8:30 pmAmy's Place(part of Boom-Bap This Sh!t Slaps)
Thu, Aug 046:30-7 pmThe Gyspy Parlor(part of Hip-Hop and Hops at The Gypsy Parlor)