Larry Liddell Jr., known as Adithri, was born in West Palm Beach, Florida on October 6, 1999. His first 11 years of life were spent down south. In 2011, Adithri had moved to Niagara Falls, New York, where he had almost nothing to his name. The start of Adithri's music career was extremely shaky, like many others, and had remained haphazardly for a few years. Adithri had first gone by the pseudonym, "DJ Electron 8", after discovering electronic DJ software. After being denied guidance on multiple occasions, Adithri had gone through an experimentation period from 2012-2014, where he had butchered, chopped and "remixed" famous songs. Though the horrific sounds of these tracks still exist online, it is still something Adithri is oddly proud of til this day. In 2015, Adithri had given up on the idea of being a DJ and had proceeded the route of a songwriter. It was during this time that Adithri had switched from his DJ identity, "DJ Electron 8", to "Adithri". In 2015, Adithri's first ever song was titled "Stale", a lost experimental hip-hop track that had both meaningful rhymes and spunk. From that point on Adithri had been experimenting more with his music. Although he was growing as an artist, he was also growing as a person. Discovering new ways on how to exert his true emotions, rid most of his bashfulness and find his true niche in life. From 2017-Present Day, Adithri has been honing his skills within the music production field, as well as video production. He dislikes the idea of being a "One-Trick Pony". Adithri has made several public appearances as a performer for several concerts from 2019-Present Day. Adithri was even given the big opportunity to open for 2011 XXL Freshman, Fred the Godson. But due to unforeseen and unfortunate events during the summer of 2020, Fred had passed away. But his legacy will most definitely live on! There is far more for everyone to learn about Adithri, himself. And there is far more for Adithri to learn as time goes on. Amazing achievements, unfortunate downfalls and so much more are awaiting us all!


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Thu, Aug 047:15-8 pmThe Gyspy Parlor(part of Hip-Hop and Hops at The Gypsy Parlor)
Sat, Aug 063-3:30 pmBroadway Market (Garage)(part of Buffalo Infringement Festival Invades the Broadway Market)
Sun, Aug 072-2:45 pmHolly Farms Parking Lot(part of MEGA FRINGE at Holly Farms)