Ba$key is a hip-hop artist from Buffalo, NY who began releasing music in October of 2021 with his debut mixtape “Proceed With Caution.” This project showcases Ba$key’s talent as he raps over 11 hard-hitting instrumentals. While doing so, there are multiple points in this project where he seamlessly switches his flow without sacrificing his lyrical ability. Although he is relatively new to the hip-hop scene, he developed a love for hip-hop at the very young age of 4 by watching freestyle rap battles and music videos on BET with his older cousin. By watching these battles and videos, he learned how to freestyle when his cousin challenged him to a rap battle. Being confused, Ba$key asked his cousin how to rap to which he vaguely responded “just say sentences and make the last word of each of them rhyme.” That was all he needed to hear as he began to blow away many people with his natural gift. He then began writing his own music in the first grade after learning how to read and write poetry. After realizing that poetry and hip-hop had a few similarities, he smoothly transitioned from writing poems to writing songs. What took Ba$key a while before taking music seriously was his passion for basketball, which slowly deflated year after year. Once there was no life left in that, he went back to what he was talented at since a young child and turned it into his newest endeavor. Since 2018, he began writing music everyday waiting for an opportunity to record the songs he wrote. It wasn’t until 2020 when he would go over a friend’s house and see that he had a recording setup in his room that his opportunity would come. His friend then forced him to record on a beat that he made for him on the spot to which Ba$key did a freestyle on. After recording it, he came back the next day and recorded his song “Padlock,” which is what sparked his love for recording. Ever since then, Ba$key has been honing in on his craft as much as he can in order to give his listeners the best content they can find.

Social media: Instagram: @foreverbaskey


Thu, Aug 045:45-6:15 pmThe Gyspy Parlor(part of Hip-Hop and Hops at The Gypsy Parlor)
Sat, Aug 0612:45-1:15 pmBroadway Market (Garage)(part of Buffalo Infringement Festival Invades the Broadway Market)