Jacob Lanning

Hi my name is Jacob Lanning I am an artist in Buffalo New York I am a person with a disability my disabilities epilepsy anxiety and depression ADHD and my art is the stuff that gets me getting my dreams just received my mission through the world to show people that people with disabilities can overcome any challenge in the world because no matter what happens in life we all have to live together with freedom peace love joy and care that is what makes this world a unique facility of life I do abstract paintings woodworking realistic paintings and sunset paintings I am blessed to have a supportive family and friends to help me achieve my mission my mission is to get the world to realize everyone is equal no matter how many times we fail we can always overcome just put your mind to it and you’ll succeed your mission every moment is a new success in life so to overcome your challenge be aware that every day‘s a new day and make it the best day of your life because you never know when you’re gonna be gone so express yourself to keep you flowing in this world God bless you all sincerely Jacob Lanning

Social media: Instagram masterlanning


Sat, Jul 309 pm-12:30 amMilkie's Elmwood Lounge(part of PRIDE in July)
Thu, Aug 047-11 pmHostel Buffalo-Niagara(part of Getting Hostile at The Hostel)
Fri, Aug 059 pm-12:30 amMilkie's Elmwood Lounge(part of Hip, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Anonymous)
Sat, Aug 06noon-5 pmBroadway Market (Lobby)(part of Buffalo Infringement Festival Invades the Broadway Market)
Sat, Aug 069 pm-1 amMilkie's Elmwood Lounge(part of Rick James Memorial Dance Party )