Katescamp Controlled Chaos...Go Bills!

Katescamp Controlled Chaos is going all BILLS!!! Come see all the controlled chaos using acrylic pouring techniques Kate created for all you Buffalo Bills fans! Kate has been participating in the Infringement Festival for over a decade. She uses many techniques to make these one of a kind paintings. In the past she has shown paintings with bright and bold colors along with a few more subdued ones. This year it's all red, white and blue, GO BILLS!

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/Katescamp-Controlled-Chaos-With-Acrylic-Pouring-222498901980941


Thu, Jul 28installationAmy's Place
Fri, Jul 29installationAmy's Place
Sat, Jul 30installationAmy's Place
Sun, Jul 31installationAmy's Place
Mon, Aug 01installationAmy's Place
Tue, Aug 02installationAmy's Place
Wed, Aug 03installationAmy's Place
Thu, Aug 04installationAmy's Place
Fri, Aug 05installationAmy's Place
Sat, Aug 06installationAmy's Place
Sun, Aug 07installationAmy's Place