Marcel Grimard

Marcel Grimard is a young gay mature visual artist exploring his own unique voice through experimentation and discovery. His paintings are expressing his complex personal history filled with pain, memory and self-discovery. His hermeneutic approach allowed the free flow of images engraved on the canvas to reach an unconscious memory based in his abusive childhood, his emotional disability and his French-Canadian catholic background.

Social media: 24 , Ida Street


Thu, Jul 28installationAmy's Place
Fri, Jul 29installationAmy's Place
Sat, Jul 30installationAmy's Place
Sun, Jul 31installationAmy's Place
Mon, Aug 01installationAmy's Place
Tue, Aug 02installationAmy's Place
Wed, Aug 03installationAmy's Place
Thu, Aug 04installationAmy's Place
Fri, Aug 05installationAmy's Place
Sat, Aug 06installationAmy's Place
Sun, Aug 07installationAmy's Place