Since their formation in a Rochester basement in 1990, Nod has continued to astound audiences with their anomalous rock/funk/free-noise fusion. Multiple self-releases as well as recordings on Rochester's Carbon Records and Steve Shelley's (Sonic Youth) Smells Like Records attest to an ethos that has multiple musical touchpoints (Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Big Star, Talking Heads, NRBQ, Sun Ra) while managing to be wholly original and at times quite experimental. Seeing Nod play live is unpredictable in the best way--they play on the fringe of the fringe, and never play anything the same way twice, improvising within their own song structures, and often creating one-time-only songs on the fly. Despite years of critical recognition, Nod remains essentially an underground band (despite notable shows with the likes of Sonic Youth, Sean Lennon, The Breeders, and Mike Watt). When asked what keeps them going after all these years, the answer is a simple one; they just can't help it.


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Sat, Jul 304-4:45 pmNickel City Housing Cooperative: Ol'Wondermoth(part of Lawn Disco)