Use my body as a canvas and allow Buffalo Infringement Festival attendees to pay $1 to paint my body for a set duration (maybe 30 seconds). All proceeds would go to covering the costs of materials and any on top would be donated to an approved charity. I would plan on being in a standing position and provide the materials necessary to offer different brushes/paints/tarps/cleaning supplies/etc. I would give limited instructions and have a volunteer (s) with me to offer support/guidance/consultation to anyone who wanted to participate. I would instruct that nobody would paint anything that the B.I.F. would deem inappropriate but otherwise keep it as open ended as possible. This is an experiment and I would like to have as little influence as possible in terms of what I end up looking like. I would set a minimum age requirement of at least 18. I would plan on wearing shorts which would leave my feet/legs/torso/back/arms/face accessible. I also was considering setting up a video camera for a time lapse or at least periodically have photos taken as the day progresses as well as the end result. Essentially this would be testing to see how different individuals would approach painting a human body with limited instruction/guidance. It would be interesting to see if participants would work off of what earlier participants painted or deviate completely. This also allows an opportunity for a large amount of festival attendees to collaborate together to paint me without needing any skill or training.

Social media: @mullyandrew (Instagram)


Sat, Jul 309 pm-12:30 amMilkie's Elmwood Lounge(part of PRIDE in July)