A quote from FlashBamPow’s website best sums up who they are: “We come on time, set up, blow everyone’s minds and leave.” FlashBamPow’s intense live performances often flow between straight ahead jazz and funk, to improvisational jamming and eastern ragas. The band has been very busy performing, writing new arrangements and experimenting. As a result, they have many new sounds to share with you. FlashBamPow is known as a highly expressive band that often employs surreal video and art in their live shows. The art is mostly created by Sean Madden, an award-winning artist who has exhibited his strange, surreal artwork globally. Drummer Branden Conrad of Buffalo Streams Live has joined the group and he’s quickly contributing to the group’s intense live energy. Dan Zea plays bass and vocals, Rob Mossotti plays keys and Sean Madden plays guitar. For more information visit: www.flashbampow.com

Website: www.flashbampow.com

Social media: Facebook: FlashBamPow, Insta: @flashbampowjams Linktree: FlashBamPow


Fri, Jul 299-9:45 pmMohawk Place(part of The Canadian Invasion Dance Party!)
Sat, Jul 306:15-7:45 pmNickel City Housing Cooperative: Ol'Wondermoth(part of Lawn Disco)
Fri, Aug 0512:15-1:45 amNietzsche's (Back)(part of ON AUGUST 5TH, WE ALL WEAR FRINGE!)