No one was ever supposed to find out who Medusa was. The 'revenge pop' artist learned young that hiding who they truly were - a nonbinary bisexual on the spectrum - was the best way to avoid ridicule. So when they secretly began producing music in 2017, they didn't even tell their partner. These days, ironically, the hallmark of Medusa’s budding career is the personal connection fellow outcasts feel to their life and music. Medusa’s signature production - described by Soundriv as “a breakthrough collection of LGBTQ hymns,” and by Bucketlist as “the most inventive [expletive] music we’ve heard in a long time” - often features unconventional sounds like wolf howls and cheerleading chants. The artist describes their style as “by any means necessary,” then makes good on the promise. Medusa grabs their demons by the throat and shoves them into a time signature, hoping to imprison their struggles in song. Then, like the infamous Gorgon herself, they return to their cave until it is time to defend themselves again. After returning home from their first year as a SXSW Official Artist, and being awarded Audiofemme's 2022 Agenda Grant, Medusa is now embarking on their largest project to date: turning their upcoming album's music videos into a short film retelling the epic myth of Medusa, titled "Allegory of The Grave."


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Sat, Aug 0611-11:45 pmMohawk Place (Front Stage)(part of The Dark, The Dreary, and the Downcast)
Sun, Aug 07midnight-12:30 amNietzsche's (Front Stage)(part of Closing Ceremonies)