Nina B

Nina B, singer songwriter and National Recording artist began her career in entertainment through inspiration within the Performing Arts. From the natural born gift and being around music her whole life and through her father, legendary artist, actor, director and Executive producer Terrance ‘T. Brizzy Brown gained her inspiration and was also motivated through many influencers. To mention a few are 8 Grammy award winner Lauryn Hill, the soft singer picture painting great songwriter Jhené Aiko, and the powerful outspoken India Arie . Nina B graduated from Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts for ‘Vocal Music’ where she gained much knowledge to tie into her career. In her childhood years, Nina has always been a performer, actress, and overall entertainer. From chorus events, musicals such as Annie, Shrek, a Danai Gunra Classic Play Eclipse in which she learned the African language within two weeks and is sure to excite a crowd. From performing at church, school or the city parks to endless nights home singing she always had a passion for music. She has featured in many of her father’s songs ‘Mr. Brown’, ‘Wintertime Grind’, ‘Warrior’, NOW AVAILABLE on all platforms beginning at the age of 2 and proceeded to further her music career for the love of music and expression as she grew into her adulthood. Her songwriting began as poetry and later progressed to lyrical content. From there her undeniable talent has been on a rise since her voice was present during a very important movement; Nina posted live singing a song she had written during the BLM movement which began to grasp the attention of over 17,000 people on Facebook and went viral. Nina then released a video for ‘Vintage’ which had powerful messages lyrically, visually, and made an impact on the world! Since ‘Vintage’ she has released ‘Vintage Part Two’ which covered the stories of the BLM movement. ‘Vintage Part Two’ is an extension of ‘Vintage’ Produced By Pacific and S. Billz for Death Valley Entertainment with the same melody but more to say. Nina felt the longevity ‘Vintage’ and ‘Vintage Part Two’ could have and felt it was important to release. With not only bringing a neo-soul/ Nina B Buffalo Gal vibe into the music industry as an upcoming artist but the opportunity to touch souls and be heard with bringing change is what matters most. Aside from being quiet like Janet Jackson, Respectful like Alicia Keys, and Graceful as Whitney Houston her loud and expressive words give you a peace of mind and understanding of neighborhood girl next door, heartbreak, and also from a political aspect. Nina also released a single ‘Never Forget’ and ‘Roses’ from her album ‘Just Listen’ AVAILABLE NOW on all platforms which elaborates on turning heartache into memories; A love that is lost but will never be forgotten. I’m sure we all can relate so why not hear a story we all can feel through music! In addition to the music Nina has starred in the Movie series ‘Daddy’s Girls Club’ which is available now on Amazon Prime. She has also starred in the ‘The Movie short 300’ written by Terrance Brown which is a movie series soon to be available. Her single Vintage has been played on 93.7 WBLK infinity broadcasting station. Nina wants to be remembered as an entertainer and for her music to be remembered as timeless music as well as music that moves souls. Nina is an up and coming artist for her generation and wants to continue to express and inspire for future generations. She is grateful for this gift and in her words she wants to “Thank God as she believes she was born for this”. Nina has enjoyed her journey with music thus far as well as worked with many great local artists, videographers, and producers and will continue to be on the rise as time follows.


Thu, Aug 048:30-9 pmDay's Park Tavern(part of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Celebration)
Sat, Aug 0612:30-1 pmErie County Library Central Branch(part of National Play Outside Day Celebration)