Westside Stories

Address: 398 Grant Street


Fri, Jul 295-7 pmInspiration Club of WNY ( Dynamic figure drawing with a special guest model! (This is not an instructional class) Bring your art supplies and let's art together!)
Tue, Aug 027-7:45 pmMonochord Madness(The Courtyard of Avant-Garde)
Tue, Aug 028-8:45 pmMATH duo(The Courtyard of Avant-Garde)
Thu, Aug 047:15-7:45 pmLifemusik mit Andre(Andre, Jay, & The Others)
Thu, Aug 048-8:30 pmThe Others(Andre, Jay, & The Others)
Thu, Aug 048:45-9:15 pmJay Aquarious(Andre, Jay, & The Others)
Sat, Aug 063-4 pmBuffalo Comedy Collective