Lawn Disco

One of Infringement's longest-running events, The Lawn Disco is back and you better have your boogying shows. Featuring, hip-hop, ska, rock, and jazz music!

at Nickel City Housing Cooperative: Ol'Wondermoth


Sat, Jul 30noon-12:30 pmThe Others
Sat, Jul 3012:30-1 pmAwet
Sat, Jul 301:15-1:45 pmMark L33 & Friends
Sat, Jul 302-2:30 pmSir Quillz
Sat, Jul 302:30-3 pmNelQuan Rashad
Sat, Jul 303-4 pmDad Joke Battle part deux
Sat, Jul 304-4:45 pmNod
Sat, Jul 305-6 pmLong Range Hustle
Sat, Jul 306:15-7:45 pmFlashBamPow
Sat, Jul 308-9 pmBloodThirsty Vegans