Buffalo Infringement Festival Invades the Broadway Market

Buffalo Infringement presents a giant buffet of artists, from acoustic to hip hop to rock on every. single. level. of Broadway Market. There’s something for everyone and far too many artists to list. Come groove and rock with us from noon to five.

at Broadway Market


Sat, Aug 06noon-12:45 pmbeerhall philosophers (Lobby)
Sat, Aug 06noon-12:30 pmLil Beast (Garage)
Sat, Aug 06noon-5 pmJacob Lanning (Lobby)
Sat, Aug 0612:15-12:45 pmZQUINT (Roof)
Sat, Aug 0612:45-1:15 pmBa$key (Garage)
Sat, Aug 061-1:45 pmJust Another Broken Angel (Lobby)
Sat, Aug 061-1:45 pmJupiter Trolley (Roof)
Sat, Aug 061-1:45 pmMann Town (Lobby)
Sat, Aug 061:30-2 pmCharlie Bae (Garage)
Sat, Aug 062-2:45 pmDead Orchids (Roof)
Sat, Aug 062-2:45 pmRetronoid (Lobby)
Sat, Aug 062:15-2:45 pmCremation covax (Garage)
Sat, Aug 063-3:30 pmAdithri (Garage)
Sat, Aug 063-3:45 pmNo Time To Think (Lobby)
Sat, Aug 063-3:45 pmRed Button Dilemma (Roof)
Sat, Aug 063:45-4:15 pmExpressive Bro (Garage)
Sat, Aug 063:45-4:15 pmNick Mass (Garage)
Sat, Aug 064-5 pmBrookhaven (Roof)
Sat, Aug 064-5 pmGun Robo (Lobby)
Sat, Aug 064:30-5 pmSir Quillz (Garage)