National Work Like a Dog Day

One of the wildest nights Buffalo Infringement Festival has to offer... starts with live coding and ends with a misdemeanor?! Work Like A Dog Day is Celebrated on August 5th, to honor those who stick around and put the extra work in.

at Mohawk Place


Fri, Aug 058-8:30 pmmetaChew Live Coding
Fri, Aug 058:30-8:45 pmJustin Von Strasburg (Front Stage)
Fri, Aug 058:45-9:15 pmYAWNi
Fri, Aug 059:15-9:45 pm45 Gov't (Front Stage)
Fri, Aug 059:45-10:30 pmDanimal Cannon
Fri, Aug 0510:30-11:15 pmNo Time To Think (Front Stage)
Fri, Aug 0511:15 pm-midnightCrop Circle Worship
Fri, Aug 05midnight-12:30 amThe Miss Demeanors