Getting Hostile at The Hostel

Come to the Hostel Buffalo-Niagara to experience an array of performances to invoke memories, laughter, awareness, and the essence of life. Life doesn’t have to be tame, so let's get hostile at the hostel!

at Hostel Buffalo-Niagara


Thu, Aug 046:30-7 pmThe Funny Thing About Heart Surgery
Thu, Aug 047-7:30 pmCult Mother
Thu, Aug 047-11 pmJacob Lanning
Thu, Aug 047:45-8:15 pmZQUINT
Thu, Aug 048:15-8:45 pmVague Static
Thu, Aug 048:45-9:30 pmSVTOKO聡子
Thu, Aug 049:45-10:30 pmmetaChew Live Coding