Daily calendar

Wednesday, August 3

1-5 pmFlowers and PlantsScoop Shop (Painters Boutique Pop-Up Shop)
2 pm-4 amBuffalo Streams LiveBuffalo Infringement Facebook Page
4-6 pmMann TownErie County Library Central Branch(part of Rush Hour Jazz at The Library)
4-5 pmSomething Different In BuffaloHostel Buffalo-Niagara
5-8 pmSorry on at Spot Coffee RegionThe Gyspy Parlor
5:15-5:45 pmThe Funny Thing About Heart Surgery Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
6-9:30 pmYou can do C.I., too!Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
7 pm-4 amThe Local Music Video ShowBuffalo Infringement Facebook Page
7-9 pmComedy Improv showDay's Park Tavern
8:30-9 pmPeter Latona Nietzsche's(part of Songwriting Showcase)
9:15-9:45 pmMATH duoNietzsche's(part of Songwriting Showcase)
10-10:30 pmSnowbeltNietzsche's(part of Songwriting Showcase)
10:45-11:15 pmTyler BagwellNietzsche's(part of Songwriting Showcase)
11:30 pm-midnightSasha McCoyNietzsche's(part of Songwriting Showcase)
Wandered Places and Creepy Spaces Amy's Place
Katescamp Controlled Chaos...Go Bills!Amy's Place
Marcel GrimardAmy's Place
Bird Rainbow- Biodiversity is beautifulAmy's Place
Own Conspiracies, Diagrammed (OCD)Amy's Place
Direct to Ink SketchesBlossom Buffalo
Bright and ColorfulBlossom Buffalo
Weird & Wonderful by Jeannine SwallowBlossom Buffalo
BloomBlossom Buffalo
AltarBlossom Buffalo
AR/URBlossom Buffalo
Art by Cat McCarthy Blossom Buffalo
Twisted Nostalgia, Art by Amy Lynn Duengfelder Blossom Buffalo
Dope is DopeBlossom Buffalo
Gay Liberation NOW! Erie County Library Dudley Branch
Puzzle Project Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
Psyscapes DesignsMilkie's Elmwood Lounge
PopNerdArtCulture #PNACMohawk Place
Lovecraft horrorMohawk Place
Le Donnine NudeMohawk Place