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Sunday, August 7

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Buffalo Infringement Facebook PageBuffalo Streams Live
The Local Music Video Show
Burning BooksOpen Busking
Day's ParkKidfringement
ChangeBuffalo Comedy CollectiveqindiiiEl the MimeMonochord Madness
Just Kiddin
Inspiration Club of WNY
Kidfringement Orchestra
Holly Farms Parking LotMEGA FRINGE at Holly Farms
Space Jam OrchestraHip MonarchAdithriMannikinMYQ FarrowDaze Ago SVTOKO聡子45 Gov't
Nickel City Housing Cooperative: Ol'WondermothClosing Parade 2022
Buffalo Infringement Closing Parade
Mini Marching Machine
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Nietzsche'sClosing Ceremonies
Shannon VanderlaanBloodThirsty VegansKerry FeyGenecistYAWNiCharlie Bae MedusaThe Miss Demeanors

Wandered Places and Creepy Spaces Amy's Place
Katescamp Controlled Chaos...Go Bills!Amy's Place
Marcel GrimardAmy's Place
Bird Rainbow- Biodiversity is beautifulAmy's Place
Own Conspiracies, Diagrammed (OCD)Amy's Place
Direct to Ink SketchesBlossom Buffalo
Bright and ColorfulBlossom Buffalo
Weird & Wonderful by Jeannine SwallowBlossom Buffalo
BloomBlossom Buffalo
AltarBlossom Buffalo
AR/URBlossom Buffalo
Art by Cat McCarthy Blossom Buffalo
Twisted Nostalgia, Art by Amy Lynn Duengfelder Blossom Buffalo
Dope is DopeBlossom Buffalo
Gay Liberation NOW! Erie County Library Dudley Branch
Puzzle Project Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
Psyscapes DesignsMilkie's Elmwood Lounge
PopNerdArtCulture #PNACMohawk Place
Lovecraft horrorMohawk Place
Le Donnine NudeMohawk Place