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Thursday, August 4

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Buffalo Infringement Facebook PageBuffalo Streams Live
The Local Music Video Show
Day's Park TavernNational Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Celebration
Chuck KritzGun RoboNina BMYQ Farrow
Fitz Books & WafflesInspiration Club of WNY
Hostel Buffalo-NiagaraGetting Hostile at The Hostel
The Funny Thing About Heart Surgery Cult MotherZQUINTVague StaticSVTOKO聡子metaChew Live Coding
Jacob Lanning
Milkie's Elmwood LoungeKaraoke and Collage for Oscar
venue2 pm3 pm4 pm5 pm6 pm7 pm8 pm9 pm10 pm11 pmmidnight1 am2 am3 am4 am
The Gyspy ParlorHip-Hop and Hops at The Gypsy Parlor
Nick MassBa$keyMark The AquariusAdithri
The Honey RoomWet Dreamland
Wet Dreamland
Curtis LovellHooked on Casiophonics
Westside StoriesAndre, Jay, & The Others
Lifemusik mit AndreThe OthersJay Aquarious

NSFW Snow GlobesThe Honey Room
Wandered Places and Creepy Spaces Amy's Place
Katescamp Controlled Chaos...Go Bills!Amy's Place
Marcel GrimardAmy's Place
Bird Rainbow- Biodiversity is beautifulAmy's Place
Own Conspiracies, Diagrammed (OCD)Amy's Place
Direct to Ink SketchesBlossom Buffalo
Bright and ColorfulBlossom Buffalo
Weird & Wonderful by Jeannine SwallowBlossom Buffalo
BloomBlossom Buffalo
AltarBlossom Buffalo
AR/URBlossom Buffalo
Art by Cat McCarthy Blossom Buffalo
Twisted Nostalgia, Art by Amy Lynn Duengfelder Blossom Buffalo
Dope is DopeBlossom Buffalo
Gay Liberation NOW! Erie County Library Dudley Branch
Puzzle Project Hostel Buffalo-Niagara
Psyscapes DesignsMilkie's Elmwood Lounge
PopNerdArtCulture #PNACMohawk Place
Lovecraft horrorMohawk Place
Le Donnine NudeMohawk Place